By registering to attend Illicit Networks: Forces in Opposition, better known as the INFO Summit, you are committing to three objectives:

  • Enhancing the world’s understanding of illicit networks
  • Exploring the relationship between illicit networks and technology
  • Rolling up your sleeves and help develop technology-based approaches to expose and disrupt illicit networks

Too often illicit networks — from drug smugglers and arms dealers to human traffickers and organ harvesters — are seen only in the silos of those who study them. This summit aims to break down those silos by bringing together a full-range of stakeholders to suggest ways that technology can be used to expose and disrupt these networks as a whole and to put some of these ideas into practice.

You will receive updates from us as we approach the INFO Summit. In the meantime, here's a preview of what is to come:

Attendees at the INFO Summit will arrive throughout the day. Registration will be available in the hotel lobby. Starting at 7:00pm, the Summit partners -- Google Ideas, Tribeca Enterprises, and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) -- will host a welcome reception. The evening is informal and will serve as an opportunity for attendees to meet each other, enjoy great food, and connect with other attendees. Attire is business casual.

The first full day of the INFO Summit will be all about disrupting illicit networks. The day will begin by framing the debate around whether technology is aiding or dismantling illicit networks. We will have the opportunity to hear from those who have lived inside of illicit networks, some as survivors and others as former perpetrators. We will have several surprise keynotes throughout the day, including leading figures from the technology sector who will speak about the future of illicit networks and well-known individuals from the illicit networks world who have never spoke publicly before about what they have seen. The afternoon will feature a new format we are calling “labs” (see below for more detail) focused on disrupting illicit logistics, guns and money. Attire is business casual.

In the evening, we have a special gala dinner from 7:00pm - 10:00pm. Cocktail attire is recommended.

The final day of INFO will focus on empowering key stakeholders against illicit networks. We will begin by going behind the scenes of North Korea and hearing how defectors and former smugglers are now using technology to address illicit networks. Throughout the day, we will hear from those with unique experiences fighting these illicit networks as governments, civil society organizations, and citizens at risk. Through their insights, we will identify sets of concrete problems that naturally lend themselves towards technology-based solutions. Attire is business casual. The Summit will conclude at 5:00pm.

Get ready to take action!
The INFO Summit promises not just to be a forum to rethink illicit networks for the new digital age, but also an opportunity for you to roll up your sleeves and take action. To do this, we have devised a concept that we are calling “INFO Labs.” INFO Labs aim to change the technical, economic, legal, or social landscape of illicit networks. Google teams and partner organizations will run these labs and engage participants before the summit through Google+ hangouts, breakout session(s) at the Summit and after the event depending on the output of the lab. INFO labs can last as short as the month ahead of the summit or as long as a whole year or beyond. We will be emailing you closer to the INFO Summit to solicit your interest in participating.

A complete agenda including speakers, INFO Labs and gala dinner information will be coming in June.